Which Famous Brands Use Shopify?

Shopify is quickly becoming the go-to platform for eCommerce websites to use to help them launch and maintain their web presence and sell products locally and worldwide. Once branded a gimmick that would pass on by like most of the new content management systems that have launched over the last ten years, Shopify bucked the trend and has attracted some of the worlds biggest brands to use its platform and many famous faces among its client list. This blog will tell you some of the biggest names using Shopify and why they use it! 

Which Brands Use Shopify

How Can I Tell Which Ecommerce Platform a Website Is Using?

Usually, you will be able to see which eCommerce content management system a website is using if they are indeed using one by checking the footer to see any details of “powered by”. If not, there is a really handy website you can use. What CMS Is This Site Using? is a really handy site that you add the URL of the website and press the button – the site then runs a quick test and will come back with which if any CMS details that the site is running on. 

They also have other tools for detecting which CMS theme is being used and which hosting provider etc. You can use the tool by visiting: www.whatcms.org.

How Many Companies Use Shopify?

According to figures released by W3Techs, Shopify currently has a market share of 6.2% of the CMS market, with 4.0% of websites using the platform (figures up to date as of 1 October 2021). This may sound like a small figure compared to WordPress, which has a 65.2% market share with over 42.6% of websites using the platform. But it is essential to remember that not all websites are eCommerce based, and Shopify currently has an 11% market share of the eCommerce CMS market (Statista figures). This figure is growing year on year as more and more brands migrate to the platform. 

Shopify is quickly establishing itself as the system to use for eCommerce and is even stealing users from other dedicated platforms such as Magneto, a pure eCommerce system designed around big businesses and their fulfilment needs. This is partly down to how simple the system is to use and integrate, whereas other platforms like Magneto require lengthy and costly web dev work. 

Which Brands Use Shopify

The World Leading Brands Using Shopify

To name but a few of the world-leading brands that choose to use Shopify for their eCommerce store are:

  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • David and Victoria Beckham
  • Budweiser
  • Lindt
  • Red Bull
  • Heinz
  • Clarks
  • The Economist
  • Fitbit
  • Gymshark
  • Penguin Books

These are but just a few of the biggest brands using Shopify today. As you can see, some of these brands are multi-billion pound businesses that are leaders in their fields. 

The above businesses should be proof on their own to see that the platform is a powerful tool to use if you own an eCommerce store. These stores handle thousands of orders every day all over the globe, and Shopify allows them to scale this with ease if and when needed. 

Why Host Your Ecommerce Store On Shopify? 

The question should be, why not use Shopify to create, host and run your eCommerce store. Packed with features that allow you to grow and run your store with ease and no shortage of experts on hand that know the platform inside out, allowing you to tackle all tasks head-on. Other benefits include:

  • Your business and customers are kept secure thanks to PCI-DCI compliance
  • Free instant software updates
  • Quick, reliable hosting no matter the location
  • Scalable with ease

If you are looking for any help with getting your business onto Shopify or looking for marketing advice and how to draw more visitors and sales to your eCommerce brand, get in touch with us here at Morgan Branding today! We specialise in helping brands stand out on the internet and grow their business with sustainable marketing methods that make you stand out and grow! 

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