What Is Responsive Web Design & Why You Need To Know

You may have heard the catchwords’ responsive website’ or ‘mobile-friendly website’ being used a lot if you own a website or have been doing any research before buying one. But what exactly is responsive web design? Why is it so important? This blog will talk about what it is and why you should be taking it seriously. 

What Is Ecommerce Web Design?

What Is a Responsive Website? 

Responsive website design refers to the process of making a single website that is compatible with a varying range of device screen sizes. With over 85% of website traffic being completed on mobile devices, be it tablets or mobile phones, your website must be compatible with multiple devices. 

To be responsive, the user must not have to pinch or scroll horizontally to see what is being presented. The site must automatically adjust its layout and size to fit the user’s screen, be it on a mobile phone or a desktop computer – all while remaining visually perfect and usable. As you can imagine the range of devices available on the market today, ensuring that your website is responsive can be quite the task! 

Designing a responsive website can be tricky, and depending on how your website has been made, such as using WordPress or using HTML coding, would create the route to making your website responsive. 

Responsive web design replaces the need to have multiple versions of your website created and stored to present it to the user on their device of choice, which has its issues and costs. 

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Does Your Business Need a Responsive Website? 

Google, the worlds biggest and most used search engine, is a powerhouse of data when it comes to knowing consumer behaviour and what they like and do not like. They publish data for everyone to see, and the data tells us that:

  • 85%+ of internet searches are now completed on a mobile device.
  • 60% of people won’t stay on your site if it’s not mobile-friendly. 
  • 67% of people are more likely to buy a product or use a service from a mobile-friendly website. 

Also, from a pure SEO perspective, Google has been for some time now has a mobile-first indexing system, meaning if your website is not mobile-friendly, it is unlikely to rank very well in the search engine results. 

Your website should always form the cornerstone of all your online marketing activities. Social media, content marketing, and paid adverts rely on a solid website to prop them up and give a landing base to convert visitors into customers. So if you are excluding even a tiny percentage of those potential customers as they cannot access or use your website, you are handing your competitors the edge. 


Having a responsive website is not a luxury but a must in today’s digital scene from a customers perspective and a cost-effectiveness perspective. If you are using an HTML coded website and it is not responsive, you will need to chat with your web developer about resolving this issue through HTML coding and CSS. If you are using WordPress, you might need to change your theme to be responsive. 

Here at Morgan Branding, all our websites are designed to be mobile-ready and responsive so that all our clients are getting the best possible website that they need to get ahead online. Contact us today to speak about our eCommerce solutions and other website design services to see if we can help you and your business get ahead online. 

Need further advice? Get in touch with us here at Morgan Branding we have a fully dedicated team ready to help you and your business get ahead online. You can get in touch via our contact page or get social with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or LinkedIn! 

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