What Is Google My Business and Why You Should Have One

Having a Google My Business listing can seem pointless after all your website is packed with your contact details even has a dedicated page so why would you then repeat all this on a Google My Business listing? What can seem like a meanless task is often the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, as the Google My Business listing has far-reaching gains for SEO than just a simple listing on a map. This blog post covers the what, why and how of everything you need to know about this free tool for your business.

What is Google My Business?

Google provides all businesses with a set of free to use tools to help them improve their SEO. One of them is a tool called Google My Business, which works in numerous ways in helping you boost your rankings both nationally and locally. 

The listing works in two ways when people search directly for your business, or indirectly when they search for a business product or service. The listing will present itself to the user in two ways, one in what is known as the Google 3 pack, and secondly a location and listing within Google Maps itself. 

This is a very high-level overview of what a Google My Business listing is, but to get any more in-depth about it would not serve any purpose for this blog. To simplify this even further to show you what it is, let us say you perform a Google search for Coffee shops in Warrington, as you can see in the image below you will be presented with some results and a little map. The listings you see attached in the map and directly below it is known as the Google 3 pack, and these consist of 3 Google my business listings relating to your search.

What Is Google My Business and Why You Should Have One

Why should I have a GMB Listing?

Local SEO is becoming more prevalent than ever before, and Google stats show that people searching for local services is on the rise, and increasing year on year. Google My Business listings are the cornerstone of all local SEO strategies, and they should be the foundation from which everything else leads from. They give your business a fighting chance of not only ranking better in Google but also being found, my people looking for products or services like yours. 

According to stats from Google, over 40% of all Google searches are for local products or services, while the GMB ‘three-pack’ of results appear in 93% of all local searches. We could drill down into stats and figures and show this in even more depth, but the general gist is that it is crucial to have your GMB listing set up and set up correctly. 

It has to be said that GMB listings can take traffic from your actual site, so why would you do it? Well if the person searching for the services they need uses the GMB listing to find what they need, they would probably never have clicked on your site to start with, so you are not losing any website traffic.

Other benefits of having one include things like added credibility and additional social proof, thanks to the review function that the listing offers. Asking customers to leave reviews on your GMB listing is a fantastic way to not only improve your SEO but also to show other potential customers that you are an excellent company to deal with.


The benefits of having a Google My Business listing far outweigh any time investment to set one up and get it optimised. Here at Morgan Branding, we will follow this up with a post on how to optimise your listing so that you can rank in the Google 3 Pack and drive more customers to your business. 

If you need assistance with setting up a Google My Business Listing for your business, be sure to get in touch, and we can advise on how to do this or even help you set one up.

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