What Is a Virtual Tour and How They Can Help Grow Your Business

Virtual tours are now becoming a vital marketing resource for many types of businesses, the global pandemic in 2020/21 has shown just how beneficial they are with the last 12 months Morgan Branding has almost doubled the number of virtual tours we are completing for our clients. With the way that businesses connect and interact with their client base changing from face to face, to more digital aspects such as video calls, emails and more interactive features being demanded by customers, companies need to adapt and change moving forward. Institutions, tourist attractions and companies alike are all now taking advantage of the benefits of what virtual tours can offer both from a customer interaction perspective and SEO benefit too.

In this blog, we will tell you just what a virtual tour is, and how it could help you and you grow.

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What Is a Virtual Tour?

Known by two main names, Virtual Tours and 360 Virtual Tours is a process that involves using some high tech cameras and photography techniques to create a virtual view of premises, combining them into a usable, fully controllable view from anywhere where the user has an internet connection. Simply put, it is creating a first-person view of your business, in digital format and puts the user in full control of what they see and when guiding themselves around your venue as if they were there in person.

From a client or customers point of view, this puts them in full control of what they see and where from, which has lots of added benefits which we will cover later in this blog.

How Is It Made?

To make a virtual tour a photographer will need to visit your place of business with a specialist panoramic camera, to take a series of high-quality, high detail photographs. If you have ever seen the Google Street View cars driving around with a strange looking contraption on top, it is not dissimilar to the camera used. This is then all expertly put together into a virtual tour, so all the images are stitched together in specialist software, and put together in a way that not only creates a 3d map of your premises but an interactive experience that can be viewed from anywhere, at any time and by anyone!

Virtual tours can be used in any shape or size of space, be it events venues, hotel rooms, B&B, holiday cottages or stadiums. Using panorama photography technology in the hands of the right team can bring your venue to life for your customers, where ever they are in the world.

Morgan Branding Virtual Tours

Morgan Branding offers 360 Virtual tours for all shapes and sizes of businesses. If you are looking to enhance your online presence, grow your business and stand out from the competition then get in touch!

Would My Business Benefit From a Virtual Tour?

There is a common misconception that virtual tours are only useful for events venues and tourist attractions looking to open up their venues during the lockdown. The truth is that all types of industries can benefit from one. From estate agents, restaurants, hotels and the leisure industry are among the list of companies that use virtual tours and there are many more.

The list of benefits from having one present on your website and as part of your marketing tools is as vast as it is varied. Adding multimedia elements to your website is not only beneficial for user experience but also for SEO, also if using the right team to do your virtual tour they can also be added to your Google My Business listing and used by Google for people looking for businesses like yours in your area. Other key benefits include:

  • Increased time spent on your website
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Increased customer confidence in decision-making
  • Virtual tours can be the persuasive decider between you and your competitors
  • Larger customer base opening you up to the worldwide market
  • Increased conversion rate – virtual Tours are proven to generate sales
  • Puts the customer in charge of what they view and when 

Virtual tours add an additional layer of visual media to your website which is proven to increase brand awareness, conversions and interaction with your brand. Businesses are starting to realise the benefits of using virtual tours over video tours and photography, even in industries you would not expect such as retail and warehouses and offices. We have even come across employers using them as part of the recruitment process to show potential applicants the environment they are to be working in.

360 Tours & Google

Content is king, consistency is queen and engagement is the overload! Content in the form of text tells Google what your site is about, being consistent in that content helps your SEO, but if visitors are not engaging with your content or website then it is serving no purpose for your customers, your marketing or your SEO strategy. Giving your customers the opportunity to engage with your business website is a fantastic way to boost your rankings in Google.

In addition to this depending which virtual tour provider you use, your virtual tour can be added to your Google My Business listing and show up on both Google Maps and Google searches, again giving your SEO a big boost.


Get In touch with Morgan Branding today of you are looking for a 360 Virtual Tour for your business and see if we can help you drive more conversions, help your SEO and drive more sales! Use the contact details below or reach out on our Facebook page for more details! 


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