Why you should be using Instagram for your business

Instagram may be portrayed as a platform where only the best side of life is shown, holidays, fancy food… So you may think it’s only for showing off what you have, but that is exactly what makes Instagram a great marketing tool for your business. Arguably there may be certain businesses that Instagram just will not work for, but I believe that most businesses can widen their audiences and grow through using easy Instagram techniques.

To date Instagram has 800 million users with this number always increasing, so why would you not want to have your business on the ever growing platform.

Firstly, Instagram is a platform where you can showcase what your business does best. Whether this is showing off your creative side, the work you have produced, what you do as a company or stories about your staff. You can show things that people wouldn’t normally see elsewhere, giving followers an insight into another side of your business. In turn, this allows people to feel more involved in your company. Which leads to building a better rapport and relationship with potential customers and creating a bigger network.

Secondly, Instagram is a huge platform for networking. As online networking is becoming increasingly common and is ‘on trend’ Instagram is definitely the place to do it. Online networking can connect you with other businesses to see what they are doing to improve your own business’ social platforms. On Instagram you can reach out to people who are interested in your brand very effectively and easily. This could be through following hashtags, finding people who hashtag certain topics and using hashtags yourself to gain the best potential of people finding your account. Instagram is a place where anyone can find your page and if you are putting the right relevant content on then it will work as a benefit to attract customers. As if you are using the relevant keyword hashtags you will start to grow your page further.

Handy Tip! If you are struggling to come up with relevant hashtags for your business use Webstergram and Iconsquare for inspiration. Or even just searching for ‘marketing hashtags’ on google will bring up great ideas for you to hashtag.

A great way to expand your reach and potentially gain more followers is to tag people in your posts. Tagging people in your posts and using @ with people’s handles can be effective as other people can see these on their pages, so therefore this may find you new followers from connecting with people. Remember the more likes you get, the higher the chance of getting onto the Instagram explore page.. The explore page is something which can really help your business to grow through Instagram this is because you can end up on someones explore page who doesn’t actually follow you, making them possibly take action, weather this be liking the image, check out your page, or what everyone wants, following your account. This is why the explore page is a fantastic free tool for businesse in expanding your busienss to a wider audience.

Another thing that is great about Instagram is that you can share posts over different social platforms, so if you want to show your posts from Instagram to Twitter, to Facebook, it is possible through sharing it in two quick seconds through Instagram, keeping yourself vocal over each platform.

So if you own a business and don’t have Instagram, I would defiantly advise you to sign up now!

Go Go Go…

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