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Stand out from the crowd with 360° Virtual Tours

Before we start on this series of blogs, do you know what a 360 tour is? I definitely didn’t know the ins and outs of them until a couple of months ago, but once I realised the benefits of them and how they work, I was very impressed to say the least!

A 360° Virtual Tour is captured using a 3D camera which is designed to scan the interior of a building. Once fully scanned, the software stitches together all the images captured to create a seamless and interactive virtual tour of a property. Sounds good right?

Once captured the tours can be:

  • Embedded into websites.
  • Used within social media feeds.
  • Used to create or be included within promotional videos.
  • Set up for use with virtual reality headsets to be used as a walking tour.
  • Accessed via mobile devices as well as a desktop or laptop.
  • Loaded into Google maps.

If you’re still struggling to picture this, check out one of our favourite tours that we have produced here to see for yourself exactly what a 360 Virtual Tour is and how it works.

They may sound and look like something reserved for the big businesses of the world, but this isn’t the case. You may not have believed it was possible but: what if they are accessible to you and your business? If they could impact on your staff efficiency? What if they could attract new customers to your business? Most of all, what if they can help you stand out from your competitors?

The Matterport system we use here at Morgan Branding was originally created to service the property industry but has rapidly expanded in the short time it has been on the market. We’ve had enquiries and bookings from a wide variety of businesses ranging from conferencing venues to restaurants to secondary schools.

A 360° Virtual Tour can set your business apart from the competition. It provides your audience with access to a fully immersive virtual tour of your property. This technology also provides you with a realistic 3D Dollhouse View, 3D Floor Plans and access to an unlimited number of 4K Photographs from each scan. Additionally, contained within each scan are accurate measurements of floor spaces, walls, windows and doors which can often be popular when considering whether a property or space is the right size for your client.

The number of scans needed will vary based on the size of a property or space but can range from 40 – 500. Auto HDR and white balance work to optimise interior images, allowing darker rooms to appear brighter.

Ultimately, a 360° tour engages your audience and allows you to show off your space at its best.

Look out for our blogs coming out in the next week! Which will be running through some great examples of using 360° virtual tours across a number of business sectors. including:

  • Conferencing & Events
  • Estate Agents & Surveyors
  • Education
  • Holiday Lets
  • Hospitality

If you would like to find out more about 360° virtual tours, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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