Stand out from the crowd with 360° Virtual Tours

Before we start on this series of blogs, do you know what a 360 tour is? I definitely didn’t know the ins and outs of them until a couple of months ago, but once I realised the benefits of them and how they work, I was very impressed to say the least!

A 360° Virtual Tour is captured using a 3D camera which is designed to scan the interior of a building. Once fully scanned, the software stitches together all the images captured to create a seamless and interactive virtual tour of a property. Sounds good right?

Once captured the tours can be:

  • Embedded into websites.
  • Used within social media feeds.
  • Used to create or be included within promotional videos.
  • Set up for use with virtual reality headsets to be used as a walking tour.
  • Accessed via mobile devices as well as a desktop or laptop.
  • Loaded into Google maps.

If you’re still struggling to picture this, check out one of our favourite tours that we have produced here to see for yourself exactly what a 360 Virtual Tour is and how it works.