5 Top Tips to improve your SEO

SEO is something mentioned a lot in marketing. It’s an acronym that gets thrown about all of the time, but do you really know how to use SEO to benefit your business? Ensure your SEO is perfect and create results by following these tips!

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What does SEO even mean?!

Simply SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means getting traffic to your website and ranking higher on Google Search. This can be done in many ways and through doing simple little things that you might not think are that important! Using SEO will increase traffic to your website and in turn create a better brand awareness and ROI.

Before you think using SEO is a waste of time why not read a few of these statistics then maybe implementing it may not be much of a choice…

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results (imFORZA.com)

60% of clicks go to the top three websites in search engine results (search engine journal)

$65 billion: The amount that companies spent on SEO in 2016. (Borrell Associates)

39% of purchasers were influenced by a relevant search. (Think with Google)

If you want to rank number one on Google then you must be using SEO effectively! Ranking number one in Google isn’t as easy as it once was, so ensure you are doing everything you can to take the number one spot!

How to gain the top spot on Google:

One way to result higher in Google Search is to have effective and relevant content on your website, this could be many things such as blogs, videos, and images. However whatever content you are posting it must be relevant to your business, be unique and creative if you want to be on the first page of Google. The reason for this is so that your content is relevant to your readers/consumers and the market so more people will actually want to see your content, therefore, spend more time on your website. Another tip that links to this is making sure that you have consistency through your content. This is not just in the time of posting content, but also in the quality of your content, this can be more important than updating content all of the time. Quality is important as it means that your audience will be satisfied and happy with what you are delivering adding value to your customers.

Another way that links to content to improve your SEO is by making sure you have relevant meta descriptions and title tags. This is a useful and key point because you must make sure that your tags are optimised using keywords so that people are clicking on the right content.

Something that helps businesses improve their SEO is using Google Search Console. This is a free website from Google that populates data of search analytics. If you link it to your website your it will get data about what is working on your website, so you can see how many clicks, impressions and your click-through rate. Sometimes this can look daunting because of all of the data but Google Search Console is extremely helpful because it shows you the keywords that you should be focusing on which you can use to help your site generate more clicks and conversion through targeting keywords.

When trying to succeed in SEO your business must make sure that your website your website is 100% optimised for mobile and desktop as more and more users are viewing things on mobile devices over desktop. Optimising the two together will mean that anyone viewing your site will see it the correct way and have no problems with viewing meaning that they will have a good user experience. This links to SEO because if you have people spending more time on your website because it is fully optimized and works effectively people will be more likely to return meaning it is more likely for your website to feature high on Google Search. SEO (Search engine optimization) is the best way to optimize your website so that search engines will understand it better and give you many visitors and higher rankings.

Another important thing that a lot of companies struggle with for SEO is link building throughout your website. This is valuable for SEO because making links through your website means that people will look at more content on your website and stay on it for longer creating inbound links has been shown to be liked by Google and as it is Google who determines where your website sits on Google, then this is something everyone should do. In theory, this is because the more links your website has the more authority it has in the eyes of search engines these are known as backlinks and can be done easily to improve your SEO. Link building also relevant to social media and having links on different platforms to take people to your website, as well as improving your SEO this will also just encourage people to visit your website and familiarise people with the business’s brand.

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