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Promote your Conference & Events Venue with a 360° Virtual Tour

One time-consuming aspect of running a Conference and Events venue is the time spent showing potential clients around the venue before they book. Research into the Conference and Events industry shows event coordinators will show an average of 10 potential clients around a venue for every booking made. What does this mean for your business? Well, if each viewing takes an average of 60 minutes, there is an average of 540 minutes or 9 hours of time that is lost to non-sales per booking. Multiply this by the average number of venue bookings a year of 130 and you soon rack up a lot of lost staff time. (1170 hours or over full 140 working days a year).

So how do you dramatically decrease this scary looking figure? By introducing a 360° Virtual Tour to your website and social media channels (where else did you think this blog post was leading to?). A 360° Virtual Tour allows potential customers to view your property from virtually anywhere, whether they’re in the comfort of their own home or working from the office. If they like the look of your venue from their screen, they’ll most likely want to see it in person! This also helps filter people who are serious about viewing your property, and people who aren’t.

Check out the example below of an Events 360° Virtual Tour:

A further frustration event coordinators often face is when showing a potential client around the space, the venue may not be fully set up for each purpose. If someone is interested in using the venue for an event, the potential client won’t get an accurate viewing if the space is set up for a conference. Even worse, customers may view just an open space, rather than a fully set up dining room a kitted out conferencing space. This frustration can be overcome by introducing a 360° Virtual tour of the space when fully set up for an event or conference. Your venue can be scanned when fully set up for events, and another scan can be taken for your conferences.

The whole experience can be taken one step further with a virtual reality headset. The customer just pops on their headset and is able to explore your venue set up in all of its glory in a cool immersive experience!

Another benefit of a 360° Virtual Tour? They’re great at engaging social media audiences, as followers are enticed to click through to the main website and take a look around the facilities captured as part of the 360° Virtual Tour. Whether they access a tour of your entire venue or just a room, this content can boost engagement and attract more followers onto a website. Getting people onto your website is further opportunity for you to promote a full range of products and services.

If you would like to find out more about 360° Virtual Tours, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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