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Partridge Lakes Fishery

Partridge Lakes Fishery is located in Culcheth and one of the most popular coarse fisherys in the North West.

They are one of our longest clients and we have worked with Partridge Lakes to grow their business through marketing techniques and developing new strategies.


Logo Creation/Graphic Design

Initially Partridge Lakes asked us to redesign their logo – they wanted a cleaner looking brand that kept with their traditional feel whilst intergrating an image of a partridge.

You can see an image below of the logo that we designed for them. Since then we have created a range of promotional materials including business cards, flyers, cups thats are used at their cafe and signage. We continue to use this strong branding in all of the new sinage and designs we produce for Partridge Lakes.

Web Design

Recently we produced a brand new ecommerce website for Partridge Lakes. We had been in conversation about creating a new wesbite for the client for some time prior to Covid-19. However when the Fishery had to close due to Covid and the only way for it to re open was with strict social distancing measures in place. This meant that it was only logical for them to reopen with a functional booking system in place.

We helped the Fishery by creating a user friendly website within 24 hours. we designed, tested and inplemented the website quickly and effectively. 

Instead of implementing a generic booking system that would potentially require countless customisations and ultimately pass on the cost to customers, we chose to create a bespoke system. The result – fishing at a safe social distance from day one of opening.

We were thrilled that we were able to help Partridge Lakes to restart their business on the first day of trading.

Take a look at the work we have produced for Partridge Lakes Fishery.

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