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Lens Media

The team were  tasked to come up with a new brand from the name through to the building of a portfolio website

After a number of jobs completed for Declan James Estate Agents we were approached by the director to come up with a new brand concept for a media company which would outsource elements of the Declan James business and offer media services to other estate agents and property companies.

The client asked us to come up with a completely new brand, moving away from Declan James with no direct visual links.

We initially came up with the company name, we wanted a short punchy name that would is easily identifiable – it was important that the name had a link to the key services: videography, drone and photography – LENS was the outcome

Logo Creation

The client wanted to achieve a clean looking brand that promoted professionalism and dependability. To achieve this we used a clean square border and a strong clean san-serif typeface with wide letter spacing.

The logo can be used as shown in the example and also inverted with white text onto black, each variation includes a red full stop which symbolises the record sign in videography.

The symbol to the side of the logo is the optimised version which is to be used across social media platforms. The flipped ‘N’, represents the flash symbol on camera.

Web Design

We designed a portfolio website for the client. The most important part of this job was ensuring the client was comfortable with uploading work to their portfolio.

We had a number of meetings with the clients showing them where to upload and what to upload – this will allow them to keep their content fresh without having to come to us every time they wanted to post new content.

You can check out the website here

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