Logo Design | Website Design


CRESCO is a coaching and consulting business, set up to help businesses and individuals grow. 

Before approaching us, CRESCO didn’t have a logo or a website which in our eyes are key things any business needs. A brief summary of the work we have done for CRESCO coaching is is outlined below.

Logo Creation

The first creative aspect of the logo was creating an easily recognisable symbol to incorporate into the overall design. Playing on the three “C”s (CRESCO, Coaching, Consulting) in the brand, the Symbol is simple yet effective at distinguishing CRESCO from other business coaches. The font used is a light sans-serif to match their professionalism. The blue and green colours were used to represent the brand values of CRESCO; trustworthy, understanding, honest, and teamwork. 

Website Design

For CRESCO to establish further trust and credibility, they needed a website to help boost their online presence. The goal of the website was to give potential customers a platform to learn more information about CRESCO, build awareness and generate leads. The single-page layout gives any user of the website an easy way to navigate and find their way to the contact information at the bottom of the page.

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