Photography & Videography

The team had a lot of fun doing this one (and it had nothing to do with the abundance of great food).

We spent the evening at Bustler Market – an event that takes place at the end of every month. We had initially been asked down by one of our clients (The Gin Kitchen) but after the event organisers seen our portfolio they asked if we could put together a little teaser video for the whole event.

We love the outcome of the video which you can see below. All in all, a great night, meeting a lot of great business and getting some really good footage.


Photography, Videography & Virtual Tours

Our property packages can be tailored to suit your needs, offering a wide range of creative tools including: Photography / Videography & Animation / Drone / Virtual Tours / Brochure Design / Social Media Campaigns

We have developed a package for Elan Homes which included Photography / Video and Virtual Tours. Examples of the work can be seen below.


Benefits of a Promo Video

Customers are watching videos. The second biggest search engine on the internet is Youtube with over a billion users – it’s time you started reaching out to them!

Video marketing is a modern way of advertising, show your customers and clients that your business is sticking with the times.

Your social networks will thrive if you add video to the mix  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, all of these social networks have seen video marketing boom over the last couple of years

Here are some examples of our work:

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