Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams is a commercial property agent based in Warrington.

Brookway Lodge

Brookway lodge is a beautiful holiday home aimed at large groups

Plas Colwyn

Plas Colwyn is a cosy and classy holiday home located in North Wales.

The Gin Kitchen

The gin kitchen is a horse trailer turned bar available for hire at all events. 

Morgan Williams is a long established Commercial Property Agent & Chartered Surveyor company based in Warrington.

Morgan Williams’ branding recently starting to show it’s age, but with limited knowledge of design and a lack of a creative eye, Morgan Williams enlisted the help of our team.

Our objective with Morgan Williams was to refresh the branding and create something that was familiar, yet embraces a cleaner and modern look both digitally and across Morgan Williams more traditional marketing methods such as brochures and boards. 

We began by redesigning the logo, taking it from a clunky and dated design to a streamlined, neat and timeless design. 

The logo laid the foundations of the refreshed brand, so the next step was to redesign the templates for the brochures and boards to match the modern and timeless design we created.

We’re currently in the process of updating their website so watch out for when that’s completed!

Morgan Williams has also utilised one of the other main services we offer, 360 Virtual Tours. We’ve completely innovated and modernised Morgan William’s viewing process. 

By utilising our 360 virtual tours, we’ve allowed Morgan Williams to save their time by allowing potential clients to view a property without having to enlist one of their staff to host a viewing. Instead, the potential client can just use the 360 Virtual Tour to look at the property on any of their devices, from wherever they are. 

Our 360 Virtual Tours have also allowed them to reach more potential clients since Morgan Williams can embed the 360 Virtual Tours on their website. 

Brookway lodge is a beautiful holiday home aimed at large groups, based in North Wales.

Prior to approaching our team, Brookway Lodge’s branding wasn’t a true representation of what they have to offer. The high-end feel of Brookway Lodge was lost behind the dated branding, along with a poorly designed and hard to navigate website.

Because of this, Brookway Lodge wasn’t engaging enough users online, which limited the number of potential guests they were hosting at the lodge.

When Brookway Lodge came to us, they knew what they wanted; a newly designed logo which expressed the premium, high end and classiness of Brookway Lodge, and a well-designed website which is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

The new logo and website are well suited to Brookway Lodge. A key selling point of Brookway lodge is the swimming pool, which is something that we wanted to remind potential customers of when they see the branding. To achieve this we subtly featured light blue hues throughout the website and incorporated this into the logo. Images of the swimming pool are also prominently featured throughout the website.

Not only is the website well-designed, functional and easy to use, it features one of our most innovative and modern marketing tools: a 360 Virtual Tour. 

With over 8000 impressions since we captured the space since September 2017, we’re confident the 360 Virtual Tour is working extremely well for Brookway Lodge!

Plas Colwyn is a cosy and classy holiday home located in Beddgelert, North Wales.

The client wanted the branding to come across as classy and elegant, whilst ensuring people realise Plas Colwyn acts like a real home, cosy and comfortable.

The Plas Colwyn website needed easy to use functionality whilst being incredibly responsive on mobile.

Mobile is where the majority of Plas Colwyns traffic comes from due to their active social media, which we also manage for them.

We recently designed a ready to print Christmas Card for Plas Colwyn, a traditional marketing method that is well suited to the client and their target market. 

The Gin Kitchen Trailer is a client that came to us after seeing work we had completed for a business with a similar concept (The Fizzy Cart – you can check out the work we did with them over on our social media channels). The girls at The Gin Kitchen loved the work we had done for The Fizzy Cart and approached us on Instagram. We quickly arranged a meeting to discuss marketing, but more importantly get some Christmas present recommendations from them as my Mum loves gin (don’t tell them that, it was a secret objective!).
After a very successful first meeting, we were given the go-ahead to create a new logo and design a website for the business. Other talking points that came up were social media channels. The trailer goes to some fantastic events, and these need to be documented and shared! We will be giving Chloe and Evie guidance with their social media channels, however, they are more than capable of coming up with great content on the job – it’s just getting the time amongst serving all of their thirsty customers!
The Gin Kitchen already had a logo and in the brief, we were given a number of pointers on what they wanted to achieve. They wanted to keep the same colours and use an illustration of a glass in the logo. It was important that the logo was clean and modern but would also be easy to see from a distance, as the biggest marketing tool on offer for the business is the trailer itself. We came up with multiple variations and finally came to the finished logo which you can see just below:
After we had completed the logo we began to work on the website. The business had an existing website on Wix which Chloe and Evie had done a good job on, however, they wanted to develop the site and felt they were limited when using WIX.
The site has been initially created as a brochure site rich in information, news and images of the trailer in action. We were so excited to send it live!
We already have plenty in the pipeline with The Gin Kitchen. We will be developing the website to add a number of features as the business grows, as well as creating social media campaigns to drive the business to the place it needs to be. With the passion of the team over at The Gin Kitchen and our expertise in marketing and design, we are looking forward to a fruitful relationship.
Keep your eyes peeled, along with your citrus fruits, the site is now live! Take a look here.

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