Virtual Tours for Museums

Allow Your Website Visitors To Explore and Learn With A Virtual Tour For Your Museum

Virtual Branding For Museums From Morgan Branding

We use the latest 360 photography, 360 video techniques to build immersive virtual tours and virtual open days, allowing your brand to interact with you target client base from anywhere in the world. Creating stunning and interactive experiences for your customers which drives a positive impact for your museum both for sales and marketing.

Future-Proofing With Virtual Tours

The world is changing and becoming more digital by the day, offering virtual tours is no longer a gimmick, but a new wave of marketing techniques and revenue streams. With famous museums such as the National Gallery and the Louvre already inviting virtual visitors from around the world, isn’t it time your museum joined them?


    Bring Your Museum To Life

    Bringing your museum to life (not with Ahkmenrah’s tablet of course), with a virtual tour has its own benefits over video and photography in that the user is fully in control of what they are viewing and when, which is a critical feature for museums, as people may want to spend longer looking at exhibitions, or even see them from different angles and viewpoints. Opening up your exhibits to be explored by anyone no matter where they are in the world be it with limited free tours or locked behind a paywall feature can only benefit your mission of bringing the arts culture to the people.

    What Is a Virtual Tour?

    It is a complex process using some of the latest photographic technology, which takes lots of photographs then using specialist software creates an immersive, fully controllable view of the rooms it has been placed in creating a 3D map of the entire property. The images are his resolution and stitched together seamlessly, creating an almost HD video like experience with the added benefit of being fully in control of what you are viewing. 


    Why Choose Morgan Branding to Create Your Virtual Tour?

    Morgan Branding has extensive experience and client base in both marketing and virtual tours, our team is dedicated to helping your galleries and museums succeed online, providing the services and knowledge needed to compete in the arts sector. Our virtual tours use the latest in photographic technology to bring your museum, art gallery or exhibition to life in real-time on your website and are Google ready! 

    Get in touch today for more details and to arrange a booking, our virtual tour experts are on hand for tours all over the North West ready to help you grow your business.