360 Virtual Tours For Hotels & Leisure Industry

Get Noticed with a 360° Virtual Tour

Virtual Property Tours for the Hotels & Leisure Industry

Increase bookings, increase the wow factor and much more with a virtual tour of your hotel, B&B or leisure facility. Invite potential customers to view your facilities from where ever they are and in their own time. Providing an immersive experience that helps convert visitors to customers. With our fully immersive 3D and 360 virtual tours, Morgan Branding is changing the way that people interact with the hotel and leisure industry prior to visiting.

Your Venue Brought To Life

Virtual tours are becoming the norm in the hotel and leisure industry as they allow guests to have a first-person view of your facilities. Allowing potential customers to be able to get a “feel” for what your venue offers above your competition. Offering a virtual 360-degree insight into where they are going to be visiting, and unlike videos of photos, they are fully in control of what they view, and when. The hospitality industry is about the wow factor, giving guests something they will remember, and what better way to entice them in and keep them on your website longer to give them more time and insight before making a booking than giving them an experience they can’t ignore.

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    Opens Your Business To New Customers

    The leisure and hotel trade is unique in many ways as in not many of your customers are local to you, most of your clientele will travel to you some from great distances. Offering these guests the chance to see what they can expect on arrival is a fantastic way to engage them and has been shown to increase bookings. In this digital age, we are in, the internet is the go-to place for research on everything from product purchases to buying a home, and people are hunting for there next adventure. Give them the tools and insights needed to choose your venue over one of your competitors by inviting them in from the comfort of their own home.

    Google Street View Virtual Tours

    Enhance your google rankings and google my business profile with a Morgan Branding Google Street View virtual tour. Help your listing stand out from the rest and aid with your SEO by offering virtual tours. Prospective buyers are increasingly using the internet to find details on everything from property to how to cook, make your listings stand out head and shoulders above the rest with a fully immersive marketing tool that drives engagement and makes attracking new custoemrs much easier and more cost and time-efficient.

    What Is a Virtual Tour?

    It is a complex process using some of the latest photographic technology, which takes lots of photographs then using specialist software creates an immersive, fully controllable view of the rooms it has been placed in creating a 3D map of the entire property. The images are his resolution and stitched together seamlessly, creating an almost HD video like experience with the added benefit of being fully in control of what you are viewing.


    Why Choose Morgan Branding to Create Your Virtual Tour?

    Morgan Branding has extensive experience and client base in both marketing and virtual tours, our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed online, providing the services and knowledge needed to compete in the hospitality sector. Our virtual tours use the latest in photographic technology to bring your resort or accommodation to life in real-time on your website and are Google ready! Showcase your rooms, let visitors tour your spa, show off those luxury facilities all without lifting a finger.


    Get in touch today for more details and to arrange a booking, our virtual tour experts are on hand for tours all over the North West ready to help you grow your business.