Happy Birthday, Morgan Branding!

One year of Morgan Branding and what a year it’s been…

It is Morgan Branding’s first birthday! To us it feels like we have been around for a lot longer than just a year, we have managed to pack in so much! In this blog, I will be highlighting our successes and journey over the past 12 months. I hope you enjoy and continue to help us grow in the future!

If you don’t already know, Morgan Branding is a Warrington based digital marketing agency, with many strengths in areas such as graphic design, web development, social media, 360 virtual tours, photography and videography. Whatever you need we can deliver! Morgan Branding was founded a year ago today by Callum Morgan at the young age of 26. Callum had a passion and flair for marketing and wanted to show this through starting his own company.

When Morgan Branding began Callum started with a small team including himself, Josh and Ben. Josh has been our graphic designer from the start and he continues to create beautiful, bespoke designs for our clients. His role has grown over the last 12 months and also now includes website design and build, plus videography. Ben, a professional photographer specialising in real estate photography quickly began to produce stunning images for clients and always brought lots of creative ideas to the table. This tight team of three set to work and within weeks they were impressing clients and so began the growth of Morgan Branding.

Next came 360° virtual tours which caught the teams eye early on. They soon realised that this could be a great asset in growing the business. Following a capital investment into the specialist equipment required to conduct and capture a 360° virtual tour, this unique new service was embraced by our client base and now is a key component of our day-to-day business.

Over the past 12 months we have worked with many different brands and companies, from restaurants and cafes, holiday lets, shops, salons, estate agents, markets, tattoo parlours, and many more. Whilst each business we have worked with has had different requirements, a different objective or a different target audience we have worked alongside each and every one of them to ensure we meet their requirements and deliver a product or service they have been 100% happy with. Whilst every client is different we are pleased that we have been able to adapt to the diversity of jobs and create the best possible outcome for their business. Over the last 12 months we have realised we love a challenge, and no job has been too difficult for us.

Being a small business has been a strength for us as Callum has a background managing small businesses and with the help of the team, our strategy works well and impresses clients. People may think that because we are a small team we can’t do as much as big agencies. But we disagree with this we believe that because our team has all the skills necessary and love what they do we are the perfect agency for any business.
Callum is proud of what we have achieved and what he has achieved himself in the past year. As we are creating websites, leaflets, business cards, video content, photography and much more. We offer such a wide spectrum of services which is something to show off as a small agency! Some of our greatest work includes producing marketing material for Warrington Business Awards, videography for The Makers Market, creating beautiful websites for fantastic clients and much more, some of our favourite work is shown below and take a look at our portfolio for more!

As it is our first birthday we are extremely happy to say that we made it here, as many start up businesses fail within the first year. In fact for decades it has been said about 80% of new businesses have failed within their first business year so it is an achievement looking at stats to be a growing business rather than a declinging one after the first year.

Morgan Branding’s enquiries and workload have been growing rapidly over the past few months and since the company started. Due to this so did the team we now have 7 members and a growing team all who have a passion for digital marketing all bringing different creative attributes to the business. We are also looking to expand our team further in the future, as we are even looking to take on another apprentice in the coming months!

On behalf of Morgan Branding we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through our first year of business and a big thanks to Callum for for being a highly motivated and fantastic entrepreneur. We hope to grow further in the coming years and always give the best work to every client.

Now to enjoy the weekend!

If you would like any more information about our team or the services we offer take a browse around our website!

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