How to make the most of Instagram for marketing

Instagram is currently one of the biggest marketing hotspots on the internet, delivering a world of opportunities to help with your marketing, advertising and promotions. Over the past few years Instagram has equipped itself with a variety of tools specifically for businesses to help with their digital marketing. Throughout this blog we will show you how to utilise these tools along with showing you more ways that you can make the most the app with more than 1 billion monthly users.

Use the tools that you're given

We will start by what might be considered obvious yet is still incredibly useful. By using a tool which enables you to change your account setting to a business, you can track the engagement on your page, allowing you to view activity such as the post’s reach, shares, saves and impressions which can be extremely helpful when it comes to knowing the success of a post and understanding what works and what doesn’t.

Post user generated content

User generated content is essentially what it says on the tin, it is content that has been generated (taken/made) by users using your product. By doing this it is immediately clear to potential customers what it is you have to offer. It allows them to see others people personally using the products/services themselves which then evokes confidence, compelling them to trust what you have to offer before making a purchase. This is particularly useful for start-ups that haven’t yet established a strong brand reputation but is also used by many incredibly successful and established companies.
As well as developing a trust between potential clients, it also creates a personal and authentic relationship between users and the company as sharing user generated content makes customers feel involved with the company and begins to create a community surrounding your products.

Use highlights and stories

This one is great if you want to generate leads. By posting stories frequently, it increases your chances of engagement with your followers as allows people to see your account often without you flooding their feed with content. It also helps to give snippets of information and present useful images without having to make a full post. If you do post stories, ensure that you structure them on your main account into highlights reels with relevant categories and titles. This helps followers to look back on stories they might have missed and also look at some fast, engaging content effortlessly.

Post images that people will want to click on

The Instagram explore page is based predominantly on algorithms but if your post manages to be on someone’s explore page it is only worthwhile if they click on it. Therefore, it is imperative that your images look engaging as well as professional. It might sound like a waste of time to use professional photography and videography but there is no doubt that people like things that look good. Also, ensure that if you are posting a video that the freeze frame image is good, don’t just leave it on the first frame it is comes on.

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