Is email marketing dead?

Is email marketing dead?

This is a question that I have seen a lot in the media over the past few months. This is due to people constantly moving to new technologies and looking for the next new craze on social media. For this reason, people think that email is outdated and old-fashioned but, no matter what people think emails will always still get checked!

In fact, email marketing is far from being ‘dead’ I believe it is increasing in businesses using it as a great digital marketing tool. Email marketing is becoming more detailed, complexed and well-designed than ever before by so many companies meaning they are more engaging for audiences which in result gains a better open and click-through percentage.

To put it simply email marketing is not dead and is far from it.

It may be something that has been around for longer than Facebook Ads or other new digital marketing techniques but there are always new ways to crush email marketing and get the best out of it for your business. According to DMA Insight, 99% of people check email every day, for some that is as many times as 20 a day. In this case it shows that even though social media may be the rage email marketing is a reliable way to make sure that people will see your content as it is direct and there is a higher chance of their inbox not being cluttered with things that they don’t want to see such as on Facebook and other social channels.

In this blog, I will touch on some of the main benefits of email marketing and why businesses shouldn’t disregard it. I will also be covering some of the main points of how to conquer email marketing and engage people by getting to most open rates and clicks!

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing is an extremely useful tool for businesses, (as long as you are adhering to the GDPR rules…) there are many reasons for this, such as:

Firstly, one that has been covered lightly already earlier in this blog that is that people will always check their emails. No matter whether they have a preferred social platform, or they only have access to a computer this is one of the first things people do in the morning, at lunchtime… Therefore, this is a way business gain get in front of their audiences regularly and know that their email will be seen.

Email marketing is so much easier to track now than ever before. This is a benefit for your business because it means you can monitor your emails and see what content works for your audience the best. There are so many email tracking software’s and most email marketing sites actually have an effective tracking system included. Seeing the statistics of your emails is beneficial because it means you can see who has clicked through to your website and so much more. This is something that if you are using email marketing already and not tracking your emails you should start doing so because just making one change from looking at your audiences’ traits could lead to you getting a higher percentage of conversions from email marketing.

Another benefit of email marketing is creating an effective email campaign will drive customers to your website and increase traffic. If your email is well designed, it will generate people to visit your website and find out more about your business and what you are showing in the email. Which in turn will also increase brand awareness as they are seeing your email and visiting your website meaning that you are using consistent communication and ensuring people remember your business. Which will make your audience think you’re your brand and business when they are looking for a specific product or service that they know you do.

Businesses should be utilising email marketing because email marketing content is easily shareable and can be seen on any device fully optimized. This is a benefit because it means that if a reader likes the content they can quickly share it with family and friends, this means that more people will be seeing your businesses email and therefore it could grow your subscription list if others like the email or more conversions as a result of this.

Handy Tips

Finally, I will leave you with some tips on how to create a better email marketing strategy and gain a higher open rate.

Change delivery times, doing this will help to see what time works best to send emails to your target audience and email list. This is always a good thing to do because you may think because you have always sent your email at the same time every week or month this is the best time. But when testing the times of sending emails you could find that sending emails late at night might be better than sending them early in the morning so it is definitely worth trying out!

A/B testing is an excellent way to have a better email marketing strategy, firstly A/B testing is when you can set up two different versions of the same email, this could be changing the subject line, the design, the send time, pretty much-changing anything you like. This is a benefit because it can improve the content that you send, due to testing different styles of content you can see which one does best and gets the best ROI. Another reason A/B testing is important is because you can analyse results easily against each other with the same email because you are sending variations of the same email you will see what works best so if you test three different times in the day your business will be able to identify which time is best from open and click-through rates. Consequently, giving you a better insight into what time to send your email through testing.

Do you want to find out more about email marketing and how your business could use it to the best advantage? Morgan Branding can help you get the results you need, email us on [email protected] with any questions!

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