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So, you’ve got the logo, you’ve got the website, you’ve created a brilliant brand, right? Wrong… A brand goes way beyond a logo or the product on offer, it’s everything from the weight of your typography to the way you speak to your customers.
This blog will explore the importance of establishing a brand and a range of ways that you can do this, no matter what your budget.

Branding is important for all sizes of business, from Joe’s Pie Shop on the corner to the big hitters like McDonald’s… Businesses have a range of disposable tools available to establish a brand, for instance Joe’s Pie Shop may not have a fancy logo, they might not even have a website, but everyone goes there for the meaty pies and well known friendly service and consistency which is a highlight of their brand.

The importance of customer service and client relationships is integral to creating a strong brand. Many large brands often attempt to make themselves look smaller in a bid to create a more approachable and personable business. On the other hand, small businesses often try to appear bigger to gain the trust of potential customers, it’s vital that small businesses don’t over promise and underdeliver as this can seriously affect a company’s brand.

Consistency is key. It is important that your messages and the way you put your brand across to your audience is consistent. The language you use, the colours, the fonts, the imagery along with many more elements are each as important as the other. The goal here is for people to recognise you, without having to see your logo or name as this means that people have recognised you without seeing a direct indicator. By doing this it means that you have engaged your customer and they have noticed your brand this can create a better relationship with customers and put you above competitors as this may mean they know you over competitors. Plastering your logo over everything you do is an outdated method of communication, it’s important that you create a story that your customers will buy into.

It is important that when you create a brand for your business you have some guidelines that you stick to this can come through creating a tone of voice that is relevant to your identity and for your customer. Having a tone of voice used across all platforms will increase your consistency of being a strong brand and it is an essential part of identifying your business. Having a strong tone of voice creates a persona for your business. This can be achieved by weather you want your business to reach to a younger or older audience. Or if you are wanting to achieve a chilled out and relaxed persona or a very corporate voice. Through tweets, emails, Instagram you can create a strong brand identity not only through your website so it is essential that you have a theme through everything you do.

So to conclude keeping a strong brand identity is important to your business because it makes you stand out from the crowd, more awareness of your brand a strong personality, and many more great aspects.

This is supported as how many times do you know a brand and are able to distinguish them without seeing a logo.

Our team at Morgan Branding can help you to create a strong brand weather you are a new business in need of a logo to help get started or an established business that needs to create a stronger brand identity. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch even if it’s just for a chat!

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