Brookway Lodge

Our contact with Brookway Lodge began with our 360° Virtual Tours, a new and innovative marketing tool that has proved to be extremely successful for holiday rentals.

After initial conversations with the client, we began discussing other ideas for the Lodge. With our experience in marketing luxury holiday homes, we agreed that Morgan Branding and Brookway Lodge could develop an exciting working relationship. We agreed to do a full rebrand for the Lodge, including the design of a brand new website

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We were asked by the client to create a website which promotes the high class of the Lodge, whilst still appealing to large groups looking to have fun during their stay.

Our client wanted the branding to convey the luxury that the property exudes, without becoming too formal. The Lodge is very popular with high-end hen do’s and it was important that our concept would appeal to that demographic.

It was also important to the client that the swimming pool featured prominently within the branding, as this is without doubt a key selling point. We subtly featured light blue hues throughout the website and the logo we have designed, incorporates the swimming pool.

“It is important that our websites are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, these two elements are at the forefront of everything we put into our sites.”

Aesthetics are of course key within the holiday rental industry, and the website needed to be eye-catching and enticing. Equally it was also very important that we created a user-friendly site. We have tested the website on friends, family and colleagues of all ages and have received very positive feedback.

Virtual tours – the gift that keeps on giving! Our virtual tour of the property is one of our favourite scans to date.

The stunning features of the house are shown off perfectly by the 4K definition Matterport Scans. As we had limited photographs available for the property and wanted to save our client time (and money) we generated images for the website using shots from our virtual tour.

The results, as you can see below, are incredible. By careful positioning of the scanner, we can use our tours to generate photographs, which is both convenient and at no extra cost to our clients.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the website and the overall rebrand of Brookway Lodge, as is our client. We have increased the aesthetics of the brand digitally, made the site more user-friendly and integrated social media. We look forward to continuing our positive working relationship with Brookway Lodge.

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