The ultimate beginners guide to SEO

What is SEO

Seo, or search engine optimisation, refers to the activity of attempting to improve search engine rankings of a webpage. According to, SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. To make more sense of this definition you can look at it in split into individual segments.

First let’s think about quality of traffic. Your website could attract hundreds and hundreds of visitors, yet if they have come to your site because the search engine suggests to them that you sell computers, but you are in fact a pet  grooming company under a similar name, then this isn’t particularly useful. The hundreds of people in search for a new laptop on your page, would be considered bad quality traffic. Instead, you want to attract people that have a serious interest in what YOU offer. Let’s move on to quantity of traffic. Its simple really, once you get the RIGHT people clicking on your site from their search engine results, then the more traffic (people on your page) the better! Finally let’s discuss what we mean by organic results. As you know, ads make up a proportionate amount of the search engine results page, organic traffic simply refers to any traffic that you haven’t payed for. In summary, seo can be crucial to the success of your website (and often as a result, leads for your business) so it is important to consider ways you can improve your ranking. Look no further, we hold the answers right here.


Quality content is undoubtably the number one driver of search engine rankings and there is no trade off for such content. Its important to create quality content tailored for the interest of intended users of your site. Including great content will improve the relevance and authority of your site and will be recognised by top search engines. A tip from us would be to include specific keywords and phrases on your webpage, thinking about the words and phrases that your targeted reader would search to find your page. Ensure to repeat those key words multiple times throughout the page content, but don’t overdo it- you still want the language on that page to flow in order to be easily read and understood. In terms of keeping your content fresh and regularly updated, this is seen as one of the primary indicators of site relevancy, so be sure to update regularly.


meta date is essentially data that describes other data, are you with me? This includes things like the url, meta description (the section beneath the title that appears on the listings page after a search), the title itself and much more. This metadata is important as it provides search engines with important information regarding the content, as well as the purpose, of each page on a website. This information then supports the search engine in its decision to display your page in the search results, depending on whether you are relevant enough. Metadata is vitally important to the outcome of your SEO so ensure you include detailed and relevant meta descriptions, a title that is informative to the webpage.

Page loading speed

We are all undoubtably, ridiculously impatient, to the extent that according to the website quicksprout, 40% of visitors will abandon websites if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load and even more shockingly, 80% of those visitors won’t return to that website! As you can see, slow loading speed is the ultimate traffic killer. However, your loading speed also has the potential to increase traffic as the search engine algorithm will recognise the websites popularity and adjust your search rankings accordingly. So, do everything in your control to ensure that both your loading speed and server response time is up to standard.

There are a variety of ways of boosting your seo rankings, but the key is to focus on your content and what lies beneath (metadata). There are also many dodgy, illegitimate ways of boosting your SEO, often referred to as black hat SEO. However, as top search engines such as google are constantly improving and updating their technology to irradiate all websites partaking in this unfair game, if you want your site to stay around for any length of time, I’d suggest you stick to the books.

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