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How 360° Virtual Tours have led to a boom in the hospitality industries

This will be our last blog of the series on how 360 Virtual Tours can help your marketing strategy if you’re interested in reading any other of the blogs they will be linked below!


In a technology driven world hotel guests, restaurant customers and holidaymakers will often research venues before booking. Which until recently would include reading reviews on Trip Advisor, checking out their social media feeds and flicking through their website contents. But now with a 360° tour value can be added to properties as the audience is provided with a fully immersive experience, something that photographs alone just simply cannot offer.

To date we have captured some beautiful 360° virtual tours at a number of facilities within the hospitality sector, some names including, The Alchemist Media City, Thorsby Hall and the stunning Norwood Hall. Each of the tours offer something different to the businesses we have worked with but they are all very rewarding for the venue.

Within the bar and restaurant sector, guests planning an evening out can take in the décor, ambience and setting of a location before booking by looking at the venue through a virtual tour. One restaurant manager has even reported a customer requesting a specific table when booking because of their viewing their tour online.

Just take a look at how well a Virtual Tour can show off your resturant!

Meanwhile, hotels and conferencing venues are benefiting by saving a lot of time as many guests are viewing their facilities by using a virtual tour. This is especially fitting when potential customers are considering their business as a wedding or conference venue. Rather than needing to show every interested party around their venue, event co-ordinators can show off their facilities virtually in the first instance and then only “qualified” and serious clients come through to look in person.

Whilst the large open spaces in hotels and venues make fantastic use of the virtual tour technology, we have seen an uptake in the number of hotels wanting to scan their suites and bedrooms. With bridal suites being an especially popular spot.

When a potential customer is considering booking a venue for an event the quality and finish of the bedrooms can be a deciding factor. As a Bride & Groom-to-be take a look around a venue they can picture their big day with their guest’s downstairs in the function rooms and their wedding night upstairs in the beautiful and romantic bridal suite.

Ultimately, whether you operate a restaurant, a hotel, a theme park or manage a conferencing space a 360° virtual tour will add value to your business and help differentiate you in a crowded marketplace.

If you would like to find out more about 360° virtual tours, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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