Give your guests access to your holiday let in advance with a 360° virtual tour.

At Morgan Branding we work with a number of holiday let property owners and we can safely say they have truly embraced the world of 360° virtual tours as a marketing tool for their properties.
Many clients have opted to take advantage of this exciting new technology they have reported an uptake in bookings since having 360 Virtual Tours. From this, we have also discovered that many holidaymakers mentioning how much they love their virtual tour facility, and how it helped them decide to pick that specific holiday let when choosing from a number of locations.

When booking a holiday property, there is normally one person in charge of finding the perfect place. But with 360 Virtual Tours everyone can view he house immediately and as the tour would show the property off more than other competitors this would put your holiday let in the lead! The inclusion of a 360° virtual tour on a holiday property listing will increase the time spent by potential customers viewing the property, whilst also adding to the perceived value of the property when compared to others without a virtual tour.

Whether booking a getaway for the family or a weekend away with friends, with the inclusion of virtual tours guests can see exactly how a property will look in real life, and with more realistic expectations. Customers will then defiantly be confident in their choices and happier to book.
Furthermore, a 360° Virtual Tour can be a great way of engaging social media audiences, as followers are enticed to click through to the main website and look around the facilities captured as part of a tour. Whether they access a whole tour or a smaller section of a specific area, this content can boost engagement and attract more followers and ultimately customers onto a website.

Check out a fantastic example of a holiday let Brookway Lodge below!

If you would like to find out more about 360° virtual tours, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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