Add value to a property listing with 360° Virtual Tours.

If you have a valuable property on your hands that you and your client are wanting to sell or rent in a quick and easy way, then 360° Virtual Tours are perfect for you. They’re hassle free and a quick, valuable process.

Research suggests that on average, the number of viewings on a property compared to sales is twelve to one. As you can see, a lot of time is wasted on viewings. If an average viewing takes around 30 minutes, this equates to about five and a half hours spent wasted on people who didn’t want to invest on your property. This could be more or less for each property but this is definitely a problem for estate agents and surveyors.

So how can you filter who will be interested in seeing the property, and who won’t? Well, this is where 360° Virtual Tours come in very handy for you. If people of interest can view and interact with a 360° Virtual Tour before booking a viewing of the property, they are bound to be a better lead for you and more inclined to complete a purchase since they already know exactly what the property looks like. Additionally, clients who view property listings which include a 360° Virtual Tours perceive the value of the property higher compared to a similar property without a 360° Virtual Tour.

360° Virtual Tour can set one property apart from another when someone is considering their next home or office move. The technology provides you with a realistic 3D dollhouse view, 3D floor plans and access to an unlimited number of still images from each scan, so you can get more than just the 360° Virtual Tour from the package. Contained within each scan are measurements of floor spaces, walls, windows and doors which can often be popular when considering whether a property or space is the right size for your client.
Using a 360° Virtual Tour will aid your digital marketing strategy and help a properties listing can not only save an agent time spent on wasted viewing’s, whilst also ensuring a property sells faster!

Check out some of the latest properties we have worked on here:

If you would like to find out more about 360° Virtual Tours, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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