How 360 Virtual Tours Can be used to market your educational facility.

In this blog, it will be explained why our 360 Virtual Tours can be beneficial for educational benefits and how it could increase the number of people that choose your university, college or school to study at. It will cover aspects of marketing that you may have never thought would be beneficial for your school, college or university.
Schools, colleges, and universities all work hard to attract new students to their organisation, often investing a lot of time and money into promoting and hosting open days. Where they invite parents and their children in to look around the facilities. But even the most organised of institutions can only manage 5 – 6 open days during the academic year, due to the planning time and effort that they take.

Recently there has been a huge investment in technology within education whether this is through the facilities or equipment being used so it is key that educational facilities show this off to students of interest. We have recently visited a University Technical College, which boasts a £1 million investment in engineering equipment. This is a key selling point for this institution, therefore they have opted for a 360° virtual tour of their facilities to enhance their USPs on their website and social media channels, alongside more traditional options, such as a prospectus and promotional video.

A 360° virtual tour can also be a helpful tool when older students are considering which university to apply for and later which student accommodation to select. Often a university of choice can be a long way from home, possibly even overseas, therefore the opportunities to drop in and look around are few and far between. Universities which host a 360° virtual tour of their facilities can attract students easier as the student and their family members can marvel at the specialist equipment and impressive facilities on offer from afar, which in turn can factor in their decision making. Due to being able to see the place where they may be living in the future without having to visit it straight away may benefit them and could sway their choice as its always more appealing being able to see something beforehand.

Tours for boarding schools or universities are also something to consider not only for facilities but for student accommodation this is because a lot of the time students are presented with several accommodation options at varying different price points, each with their own strengths; location, en-suite bathrooms, furnished kitchens, shared living space. What better way to show off your accommodation facilities than with a 360° tour, that parents and students can view sat at home in between events? Allow students to walk the corridors of the halls, take a tour of the kitchen and begin to imagine they can style their bedrooms with a fully immersive 360° virtual tour.

In a lot of new and modern halls of residence students also have access to impressive on-site facilities such as sports centres, cinemas and games rooms. These facilities can all be shown off through a 360 Virtual Tour and make you stand out from competitors and look great a universities website or social media feed when students are considering their accommodation options.

So, tours are excellent in really showing off your facilities for students and can stand out when students may not consider the university because they can’t make an open date which is something I believe puts a lot of students off considering a university.

Take a look at our most recent 360 Virtual Tour for UTC Warrington, school and sixth form where we have done a tour showing off their two-floor building and exceptional facilities!

If you would like to find out more about 360° virtual tours or have any enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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